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Short Stories

White Dog, Black Demon.” The Crimson Pact: Vol. 5. Editor: Paul Genesse. Iron Dragon Books, 2013. pgs. 133-39. Print.

Author Notes: I wrote this story about my Great Pyrenees, Jack, who passed away very suddenly. He was an amazing dog. This story is for him.


7th Sea: Lands of Gold and Fire. Editor: TBW. John Wick Presents, Forthcoming. Print.
7th Sea: Secret Societies. Editor: Danielle Lauzon. John Wick Presents, Forthcoming. Print.
Empire’s Reign. Editor: Eloy Lasanta. Third Eye Games, 2017. Print.
The Ninja Crusade: Second EditionEditor: Eloy Lasanta. Third Eye Games, 2016. Print.
Winner! 2017 ENnie Award Judges’ Spotlight